Pain, torture, humiliation, and abuse are what you will endure for your Mistress Sarah.  I suggest you print out this whole assignment for reference because you will be doing this exercise in the bathroom.

The things you will be needing for today’s torture is some icy hot or Ben gay for lubrication.  You of course must have a bathroom so I don’t need to put that on the list.  I understand some of you are dumb little cunts but just do as you are told sluts.

Take your icy hot or Ben Gay with you into the bathroom.  Grab your toilet bowl brush.  Now, rub that muscle rub all over your brush handle.  Stick the handle of your toilet bowl brush into your little ass.  Stick it in as far as your little ass can take it.  Now, clean the toilet with the brush sticking out of your ass.  I want you to clean your new lover.

Clean Mr. Potty really good boys.  Sing to your Mr. Potty.  Talk dirty to him because you are going to hump him later.  I hope your little ass hole burns from that muscle rub.

Clean the toilet for a total of 10 minutes.

Leave the Mr. Potty brush in your ass.  The toilet seat should be up.  Rub that icy hot on your penis.  This is your lubricant.  Now, hump Mr. Potty for 15 minutes.

I want to hear you talk dirty to Mr. Potty.  Tell Mr. Potty how much you love fucking him.  A worm like you can only get a toilet as your lover.  Got it slut!  Every time you get close to orgasm I want you to smack that toilet lid down on your cock 20 times.

After the 15 minutes of Mr. Potty humping now you get more abuse.  Fuck your ass with the potty brush for a final 5 minutes.

The grand finale is slamming your dick a final 20 times after you get ass raped for 5 minutes.

Now, listen to the audio to find out what else awaits you.

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