Ok maggot!  Your time of playing with that pathetic piece of meat is over.  I know that you have been a naughty boy, and it is past time for you to be punished.  This time there won’t be any spankings and floggings for you!  I think that we punish the part of you that is the most offensive.  That’s right; you’re little poor excuse for a cock.

It is time that we gave it some extra special attention for your pitiful behavior.  We are far past the point of mere slapping of the balls, or that personalize ball hugger that I bought you for your birthday.  Much better than the time that I slapped your testicles with the riding crop hard enough to leave welts.  I want to hear you beg for mercy with tears in your eyes, and hear the music of your screams of pain.

I am getting so excited thinking about the sweet agony that we are going to put you through.  If you are man enough for my challenge, then this will surely be a night that you shall never forget.  If you think that you have the balls to step up your game, then just click on the link below to accept this challenge.

For tonight’s challenge, we are going to need a few items handy.  I want you to get 2 vice grip pliers, a stainless steal penis plug, some lube, and a 9 volt battery. if you don’t have these items, make sure to go out and buy them. Click below for your assignment!

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