I’m Hair For You

A number of years have gone by and you have been half assing this whole sissy thing. You are probably wondering what I’m speaking of and of course since your not very smart as a man It comes as no surprise that you’re a even dumber sissy.

You have been dressing in female clothing, and not fixing your hair. You look a hot mess! Do you really think you look cute with your out of date crew cut?  Think again!  You call me for fashion tips, because you want to look more like a woman, but you only dress from the neck down.  That is pathetic.  No real woman would be caught dead with a sexy outfit, and no sexy hairdo.

This is where I test you to find out how much you really want to be a woman.  You look like a man from the neck up, and that kind of behavior is growing old real fast. Stop being a little wimp, and sissy up! If you so choose to take part in this assignment you will realize that you have become one step closer to becoming a real sissy.  This assignment will provide you with the courage you are in search of.  I know you have chickened out before when it has come to doing things that may cause you some embarrassment, but this time is different.  This time you are going to click the assignment button, and you’re not just going to listen, but you’re going to do everything that has been asked of you. Good luck sissy!

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