Today’s assignment will show you just how much your masochism excites the sadistic mistress in me. So if you’re looking for something a little more sensual, run, don’t walk away from the task at hand. It thrills me to make you inflict such delicious torture on yourself for my pleasure. Knowing your cries of agony and ecstasy are lifted upon the wind all for me… well, let’s just say I adore the power trip of being your supreme Mistress. I love knowing you’ll follow my instructions, the painslut inside you will allow nothing less.

Before we begin, you’ll abstain from orgasm for at least three days. I want your balls full and aching. I encourage you to edge and edge often. Of course you’ll be sampling your precum, not one drop of it should be wasted. Consider that filthy mouth of yours my own personal cum dumpster.

You’ll need a few things before we start your stroke session. You’ll need olive oil, powdered ginger, a shoestring, binder clamps or clothespins, a wooden spoon and a pair of silky panties. Now mix two tablespoons of ginger with about a quarter cup of olive oil. This will be your torturous lubricant tonight.

Now squeeze your cock at the base and feel the blood rushing in. Slowly stroke until you’re fully hard and aroused. Take the shoestring and wrap it around your cock, criss cross it and loop it around your balls, then separate them, loop it again over the top of your cock and tie it off. Don’t you just love cock bondage? Now take the clamps or clothespins and attach one to each of your nipples.

Use your lube now, not just on your cock and balls, ease a finger or two up your ass and feel the burn. Now put on those silky panties and lie down on the bed. You aren’t to touch yourself, you’ll be dry humping against your mattress or a “special” pillow. Writhe and grind there for an hour, then click to see if there’s relief in sight.

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