Thank god this is the internet and I can just write this to you without having to see your ugly slob fat ass. I mean what could be better? I get to kick your pathetic butt around, without having to feel like I’m going to vomit from the sight of you.

You do realize you have that effect, don’t you? Over the years, there have been thousands of husbands and boyfriends around the world who have had to go to bed without sex, just because their wives and girlfriends happened to see you earlier that same day.

You are like a walking celibacy plague… a sickening disease that drives people to chastity.

You are the top ranked reason why there has been an increase in the number of lesbian women in the world. The sight of you equals days of not being able to have sex with men… while coming into actual contact with you ruins all attraction to the opposite sex, leaving behind a woman who can never think of men that way again.

You doubt my statements? Let’s put things to a test, shall we…

I want you to find a full length mirror… one that goes down close to the floor so you can see yourself fully in it. If it’s not high enough, that’s okay… just so long as you can see yourself fully while you’re kneeling in front of it.

Go get some lube (because I’m sure you’ll need all the help you can get), and then go to your mirror. Strip down naked and stand in front of it. Yup, take a good look at yourself. My, my… aren’t you ravishing? ~laughs~ What a triumphantly fine piece of male you are ~laughs louder~ No wonder no woman wants you… you’re obviously too much man for any mere mortal female ~starts choking in laughter~.

What a total lump of shit. Look at yourself. No girl would ever want that… no girl would ever want any man again if she saw you naked.

Now get down on your knees in front of the mirror… put some lube in your hands… and start jerking off. Once you start, your eyes are to look into the mirror and not look away. No matter how painful it gets looking at yourself, you will continue to do so as long as you masturbate. Anytime you want to stop looking, you stop masturbating and you don’t get to do so again for an entire week.

Otherwise, you will kneel there and stroke your cock to the sight of yourself. Let’s see how you like it. You will do so until you feel like you’re about to cum… if you can even keep yourself hard that long considering the putrid vision before your eyes… and then you’ll click the link below for final instructions

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