So munchkin cock, you really want to humiliate yourself and stroke that useless, pathetic excuse for a cock?  I mean, who do you think you are going to impress with that little loser stick that you have between your legs and that you call a cock?  Not Me, that’s for sure.  You see, dickless wonder, I need a real man to keep me happy, one that has something going on between his legs, not someone that can’t find anything better to do on a Saturday night but sit home and jerk his stupid stick off alone.

Well you asked for it so here it goes.  Put on panties, that is right, panties because I have never seen a man with a cock that small.  I want you to feel the panties, put them up and let them creep up into your ass crack so that they are nice and tight over that teeny weeny.  Now what I want you to do is hunch the air, rubbing yourself up against the panties, move that ass, bitch, rub and grind hard….. hmmmmm what’s wrong?  You can’t feel it?  LOL well I guess it is to small…… do this.

Stroke it with two fingers and get it hard.  Hmmmmm it is hard?  OMG what a waste you are.  Get out a string and tie a bow at the base of that little stump, shortie.  That is so you don’t lose it.  Now get some lube, but stroke slowly because if you dont your hand will slip and you may hurt yourself.  Now just stroke up and down slowly, come on very slowly.  Hmmmm what do you mean you are going to cum?  OH NO NO NO, NOT YET!

What I want you to do now is get a plastic trash bag and put it in the kitchen floor.  Place some lube on it, move over it and strart rubbing that teeny weenie over the lube then start huntching it, you know, fucking it?  ~giggle~  Get use to it, it is probably the only fuck you have had in ages.  Now work up and dow and fuck the floor, hump and grind, until you feel yourself ready to shoot your little mucnchkin dicky off then stop.  Count to sixty and then fuck the floor again.  Bring it to the edge, do NOT cum with that teeny little thing, just edge it and stop, don’t go to close because a loser like you will spurt in not time.   I want you to do this five times for me and you pathitic excuse for a man you better make it……. If you do then click below and seal you faite, see if you can cum………LOSER!

Princess Lilah

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