Here is your humiliation assignment of the week, loser. Once a loser, so they say, always a loser. Why else would you be looking at this you hapless fucktard. Go to McFee dot com, that’s Archie McFee and tool around in there. I thank Milf Mistress Vivian for providing the site to Me, thanks again Vivian for your sick sense of humor that I absolutely thrive on. Go to stupid products, then to the beverage hat. Does that look like you asswipe? I’ll bet it does. That fat nasty redneck look, you should be on the staff of True Blood if you look like that, retard. (Where’s mah pot pie beatch!!!). Now. As the text says in the advertisement:

Beverage Hat

The only thing more delicious than a tasty beverage is two tasty beverages in a hat. This hands free liquid consumption apparatus is perfect for the two-fisted drinker who needs to use his hands. Each hard plastic helmet has an adjustable band inside for optimum comfort and stability. You supply the cans, we supply the hat with cup holders and plastic tubing.

I think you know where I’m going with this or are you a truly dense dumb ass that needs My combat boot fucking your face. Right. Since I’m not around to do this , or even would want to be around doing this to you, piss in those containers until they are full. Duh…..refrigerate of course between piss episodes. To be sure you piss at alarming volumes, I want you to consume a six pack of your favorite beer (Burgie no doubt, you white trash piece of shit), and take some vitamin B6 in small doses so you may piss alot into these cans. I also want you to look at My pictures and jerk off in the cans. Jerk off to the Woman you will NEVER have. Jerk off to the Woman who laughs at you and will humiliate you any chance She gets. Jerk off to the Woman who is going to deny your orgasm, bring you to your knees in absolute humiliation, and sissify you whenever She has the chance. With this in mind, get to work, get your cam up and working, call Me for a session so I can watch you piss and cum in these cans, take a screenshot and hold it against you. Final word: fuck off , loser.

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