Greeting sluts!  It is I, your Mistress Sarah who will be making you suffer humiliation for my pleasure today.  I might extend that period just because.  Now let us get down to business.  You will go to a few places for me in order to fulfill your obligations.  I want you to print this assignment out so that you can follow it exactly as I instruct.

You will be doing some shopping for this assignment.
First place you will go is the lingerie store preferably Victoria Secrets.  I want you to buy a pair of pink panties.  It will not be as simple as that though.  You will approach the sales lady and ask her for assistance in picking out a pretty pair of pink panties for yourself.

You will tell the sales lady, “My Mistress Sarah caught me wearing her panties.  She sent me down here to get my own.  Could you please help this panty boy pick out his very own pair of pretty pink panties.”

That is exactly how you will ask for assistance from the sales lady.  Once you get the pair of pretty pink panties you still have more shopping to do.

The second place you will go is the Adult Book Store.  You will purchase a 10 inch dildo.  You will ask the sales attendant for help in picking out one.

I order you to tell the sales attendant, “My Mistress Sarah caught me using her dildo.  So she has sent me down here to buy my own.  I am looking for a 10 inch dildo.  Please help me.”

I want you to say this whether it is a man or a woman.  You will suffer for me.

Take both of these new items you purchased.  Put on the pretty pair of pink panties.  Give yourself a nice wedgie.  Take the dildo out of the box.  Get in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself.  Get on your knees if you can.  The most important thing is to look in the mirror while you do this.

Now, worship my strap on for a whole hour.  I want you to suck it really good.  Kiss it and lick it all over.  Tell me how much you love my strap on.

Once your hour is up then you are finished how ever you are ordered to listen to the audio to hear what else I have in store for you.

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