You’ve got to be kidding me.  That thing right there is what you’re trying to pass off as being a cock?  Wait, stand in the light a little more  maybe the rest is hiding in the shadow of your thigh  oh  no.  I guess it’s not.
I’ve seen some pretty pathetic looking dicks in my time.   Some that would make a # 2 pencil feel fat and others that would give an ego boost to mosquito bites.  I’ve seen some that hang to the left or the right  others that seem to have a deformity that causes them to hump in the middle.  Hell, I’ve even seen a few that would make a butt plug feel huge.  But yours   darling, I think yours could even make a virgin ask if you were in yet.  I don’t even think we could measure that thing using a standard ruler   we may have to go and get a metric ruler just to see how many millimeters that little mistake of yours is.
But there is hope for you yet, little stroker fuck because I’m feeling somewhat generous.  I feel like perhaps letting you get a little excitement in your world, if only to see the look of adoration in those sad little puppy eyes when you look at me.  So here’s what you’re going to do  I want you to go to the local adult store and I want you to purchase a vibrator.  Not just any vibrator mind you   I want you to get the kind that you can upload an mp3 track into it’s memory.  Now, not many stores have these types of vibrators so, instead of spending all of your time looking around for it in the store, I want you to go up to the counter and tell the salesgirl that your Mistress has sent you out to purchase a vibrator that she can load her voice into and ask if they carry them and, if so, where in the store they might be located.
Once you’ve purchased your little treasure (no cheating by going to a website for it!), I want you to immediately come home, upload the audio below into your brand new vibrator and I want you to rub it up and down on that little mistake of yours for 10 minutes  then you can call me to find out what happens next.

Humiliation with Mistress Ryan 800-601-6975