You’re a filthy, worthless worm of a bitch and both of us know it. You can hang your head in shame all you like and lament your lack of manhood, but I have more interesting things to make you do. No, don’t whine, I don’t want to hear it. It’s not my problem emasculation gets your inch worm of a clit dick hard, it’s just how you’re made. To complete this assignment, you should refrain from orgasming for three days beforehand. But you’ll be edging five times every day of your denial. You can pace these slow teases at any speed you like, I just want you aching and hungry for our little game.

You’re lucky though, such a lucky little piggy. I’m in the mood to throughly and completely humiliate you tonight. I know you crave it, yes, but I’m not doing it for you. It’s all about me, my amusement, my entertainment, my pleasure. You’ll get a pink pair of panties, a pair of pink leg warmers and some girly ballet house slippers. You’ll also need a butt plug… oh and did I mention the camera? Of course it’s been too long since you’ve blown and your balls are so very blue… oh what’s a throbbing little stroker to do but aim the camera and play my game.

I know some of you are afraid of exposure… you can delete the film when finished… unless you crave the thought of public humiliation. If that’s the case you can save this video or even send it to me for my private collection. Now put on your items and turn on the camera. I want you to do a slow teasing, hip grinding dance that expresses your lust. Make sure you twist your hips and lift your panty covered clit up like an offering for the camera. While you’re doing this, tell the camera how much you want and need to cum, how long it’s been… and if you’re feeling up to it, share some of your most humiliating moments with your invisible audience.

Now pick up your plug, turn around and slowly pull down your panties and grease yourself. Slowly slide your buttplug inside while moaning at the pleasure of your penetration. Fuck yourself for five minutes with slow, deep and evenly paced strokes. Do not touch your cock! Focus all the attention on the anal training your slutty ass is receiving. Imagine how anyone watching would be reacting to your performance. After five minutes pass, pause. Turn and dance for the camera again. Repeat this at least five times.

Now turn around and slide your panties over that worm dick and touch it. Don’t wank like mad, but caress and lightly stroke it. Since your throbbing hard now, aching and more than a little blueballed, click below to find if there’s any relief for you in sight.

Humiliation with Empress Lauren 800-601-6975