Hi Fuckwad. This isn’t the first time you’ve read this blog.. I bet you have it bookmarked. You hang on every word of the fabulous Women of LDW. It’s obvious. You are a giant loser. How many friends do you have; probably very few, if any at all.

Ever had sex with a woman? No dumb ass, I mean a REAL woman. Not a blow up doll, a pocket pussy or a woman you had to pay. Pity sex doesn’t count either. Despite the fact I will tell you exactly what I think of you, there are women in this world who are WAY too nice. They really think exactly what I tell you. What is it, you ask? Ok, I’ll tell you.

You are a waste of skin. Your dick is just as pathetic as you are, your balls are disgusting little marbles and you play with your dicklet way too much. I suppose you play with that little skin tab you call a “cock” because it would feel all lonely. If you didn’t play with it, who would?!

Just like a true addict you read this blog and instantly get a little chubby. Speaking of little chubby, how sticky is your keyboard anyway? Ugh, gross. Never mind, I really don’t want to know.

You know what you can do? Humiliate yourself for me. Face it, the only way I will want to have any extensive conversation regarding your over sized clit is if you make me laugh. I already laugh just thinking about it. Why don’t you pick up the phone and hear my infectious laugh live?!

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