I’m Empress Cassidy and this is my first time here at Humiliation Boot Camp, but my no means my first time humiliating some worthless man.  Not that man is the right word for you, loser is better.  After all you don’t have a cock the size of a real man’s and you certainly aren’t able to satisfy a woman with it. So, you deserve whatever humiliation you get!

You know you deserve it and that’s why you are going to do exactly what I say now. Because you have been lying and pretending to unsuspecting women that you are a man, only to disappoint them later and I’m not going to allow you to do that anymore.

So this is your assignment for the rest of the year, we’ll call it my holiday gift to all the women of the world that you might have lied to and wasted their time.

You are to go out, every chance you get, weekends are the best because that’s when the bars and clubs are the most crowded.  Go hang out in the clubs and bars and I mean the ones close to where you live, ones you go in all the time,  not ones that are far away you cock less wonder. When you are there, you must go up to at least 3 girls and don’t waste a lot of their precious time.  Just get to the fucking point, loser.  You smile, buy them a drink and then tell them that you have a tiny cock. Size specifics are required.  Tell them you are not a real man, but rather a worthless short dick who should probably be wearing panties.

That is your assignment loser, now go do it.

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