You’re thinking about it again.  I can see it in those beady little eyes of yours … the way the sweat stands out on your brow every time you walk past a shoe store or, even worse, a spa. It’s a dead giveaway.  Oh don’t worry …we’re going to indulge in that particular … need of yours.  Today is your lucky day, darling.  I want you to get your things together and get dressed … something loose fitting, like a pair of sweats will be fine.  Oh, and there’s really no need for you to put on any underwear today … it will only get in the way.  Ready?
OK … go get in the car and drive yourself down to the local superstore … Wally World or something like it … whatever you are comfortable with.  The important thing is for them to have a shoe department … one that will allow people to try on shoes in the aisles.  Once you are there I want you to go directly to the pharmacy department and pick out a lubricant … something that is obviously sexual in nature and then go to ladies shoe department.  Find the area with the high heel sandals.  Don’t worry; you aren’t going to be there long.  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for … the moment you’ve dreamt of.  Find a pair of shoes that has a peep toe … you know the kind I mean, don’t you?  You’re going to wait until a lady comes into the department and picks out one of those pairs of peep toe shoes and I want you to watch her … sliding her foot into that shoe and taking a few steps … that hint of nail polish peeking out from between the toe as she steps, the leather caressing the arch of her foot.  No, don’t start touching yourself yet … there’s still one more step.
As soon as she slides her foot out of the shoe and puts it on the rack, I want you to grab that particular pair of shoes and run to the checkout.  Make sure the person checking you out is a young girl, perhaps in her early 20s … fumble around for your wallet after she rings you up so she has a good idea of what you’re going to do … Go run out to the car and … well, you know what to do.

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