So you thought you would give sissy public humiliation a try, you have often been curious and tempted by the idea but have never stepped into that wicked realm.

You will go shopping and purchase stockings, panties a bra and a nice mini skirt, get a low cut blouse as well. Then I want you to take all these items home and lay them out on the bed to look at.

Draw a bath, a bubble bath, then slip into it. I want you to shave your legs and pamper that skin with some pretty soaps. When you get out of the bath you will sit on the corner of the bed and apply lotion to your skin. Then you will carefully dress in your new clothes enjoying the feel of the feminine fabric as it hugs your skin.

Once dressed I want you to walk to the mirror and take a long deep look at yourself, feel with your eyes what it is you are doing, then apply some lipstick.

You will then get in your car and drive, so that everyone that stops at the red light next to you can see you, you will smile and wave when they look over at you. You will then find a drive thru, and proceed through with an order. Once you are at the window and you offer your money to the cashier she may take a double glance, if she looks shocked or asks any questions you are to tell her you are a cross dressing sissy. “yes I am a cross dressing sissy”.. then smile ..

Your heart will pound, and you will probably soak your panties, but this is your first step, take it carefully.

Humiliation with Mistress Elizabeth 800-601-6975