Oh, my god.  Are you still here, loser? Damn, can’t find anything better to do than wank your pathetic little pud? Well, I suppose that’s understandable, since no one else wants to fucking touch it.  I’m feeling like the quite generous mood tonight though, so I’m going to be a nice Princess and help you have a hot and horny night for a change!

First things first, you’ll need to make a list of necessities for your hot night in. Yes, you need to make a list… it isn’t a whole lot of items to get, but your dumb ass will probably forget them if you don’t write it down, so get the pen and paper.  First, you’ll need some Saran wrap and some Ben Gay or Icy Hot, and a jar of Vaseline.  Next, you need a bowl of very hot water, and a wash cloth or hand towel.  See, that wasn’t a whole lot, was it? Once you have those things, strip down naked and then come back here for your next assignment.

Ok, are you ready to start, loser? Good! The first thing you need to do for your hot night in is to tear off a good sized piece of that Saran wrap and set it aside for a minute.  Then, I want you to get a really big scoop of Icy Hot (or Ben Gay) and rub it all up on your little dick and those tiny balls.  Rub it in really, really good.  Then get a scoop of Vaseline and rub it all over the top of the Icy Hot.  Don’t mind the burning sensation… it’s just the beginning!  Now, take the Saran wrap and wrap it around your cock and balls, nice and snug.  Very good… once you have done that, dunk the washcloth or towel into the hot water until it is good and wet. Wring it out and then wrap the hot washcloth around your nub (or, in your case, just put it over the top… your pin dick isn’t big enough to actually wrap the washcloth around it!).  Is it burning like your dick is on fire? ::giggle::  Good, that means your stupid ass actually got it right!  Rub that towel across your fire nub and click below to see what your fate is!

Humiliation with Princess Heather 800-61-6975