Welcome grunts and groaners to yet another installment of humiliation bootcamp. Todays session will be conducted by your “instructress extraordinaire” Cock Commander Mistress Ashley. Attention! Out of those racks and fall in! Surprise inspection awaits you girls today and I dont want to be disappointed in any of you. Remember if one of you fucks up the entire platoon will pay the price, now hit the showers. As you bitches are “soaping up” I strutt up and down the shower stalls in my black leather boots, panties and bra. My legs are adorned with smokey grey stockings and garter belt. Naturally I am irresistible to you all and you are fighting the urge to grab those cocks and beat the hell out of them. I continue my stroll, when I happen upon you. “Fall out private” front and center lets go! You are trembling with fright and desire as you emerge for the shower soaking wet. You are also sporting a boner and I am not impressed. What the hell is going on here and I point to your toes. “It’s a toe ring ma’am” you say meekly. What are you some kind of sissy or what? I reduce you to tears in mere moments. Alright bitches everyone out of the shower and give me fifty push ups, do it! Nervously looking around you know I have something in store for you but you havn’t got the foggiest notion of what that something is! Seems like we have a “real bitch” amongst us girls everyone back in line. I disappear for a moment and return wearing my nine inch strap on and it finally sinks in. I walk right up to you, pushing you to your knees and begin slapping you with my huge cock, suck it I demand. “Tinkerbell” here has pretty toes and I begin laughing out loud and the others soon follow. About face, and I have you turn around and assume position on all fours. Now I am going to fuck you like the true little bitch you are. I show no mercy and penetrate you as you are. In mere moments I shoot a hot load into you,and dismiss the entire platoon. I leave you with these instructions “click below for my message to you.”

Humiliation with Ms. Ashley 800-601-6975