Listen up Bitch!  You will go through a series of humiliation assignments for Mistress Sarah.  When ever I tell you to do something you will obey my every order.  Is that clear slut?

Now answer with a, “Yes Mistress!”

The first part of your assignment will be to buy a pair of black pantyhose, black high heels, bright red lip stick, and a baby doll.

You will go to a store like Pay Less Shoe Store and ask the sales lady for help to buy a pair of black heels.  You will tell her that you wear heels because you are a little sissy.

You will buy the bright red lip stick and black pantyhose at the drug store.  Again you will ask for help picking out the right size and right shade of red lick stick.  You will also tell this sales lady that you need this because you are a little sissy.

You will buy the little baby doll discretely.  How ever it will be used in public.

I want you to wear the black pantyhose underneath your outing when you have all the necessary items.  Are you ready for your trip to the beauty salon full of women?  You will wear a business suit or something  masculine over it though.  How ever, I want you to roll up your pant legs to mid calf so all the ladies can see your pantyhose and don’t forget to wear your new black high heels.  Yes, you will wear the high heels with this outfit.  Grab your baby dollie and go to the beauty salon for your hair cut.

Just get a trim which will suffice.  How ever during the whole hair cut you will hold the baby dollie in your lap.  You’ll tell the staff that you carry it around because you are a sissy.

I hope you cry like a little sissy for Mistress Sarah.

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