I am going to prep you all for strap on training whether you like it or not.  Don’t assume anything though.  You don’t know which hole I will be training you to take it in.  Do you?

You will go to the adult book store and buy a large 8 inch dildo.  I want you to ask a sales lady or gentleman for help.  Preferably a woman.  I want you to be totally humiliated when you ask for help from her in picking out the 8 inch dildo.

I order you to say this, “Can you please help me pick out an 8 inch dildo?  Mistress Sarah ordered me to get one.  I need it to improve my sucking skills for my Mistress.”

Yes, you heard me slut.  That’s what you must say. While you are still there you will get the sudden urge to get a pair of lacy pink panties.  All Adult Book stores carry lingerie.  Ask the sales person if you can keep the dildo on the counter because you will be right back.

Grab a pair of pretty lacy pink panties.  Go back to the counter.  Hold them up to yourself and say to the sales person, “Oh my god! I love these.  They make me feel so girlie.”

Purchase the 8 inch dildo and pink lacy panties and go home immediately.

Put on your pink panties as soon as you get home.  Get on your knees.  Take the dildo out of it’s box.  Put it in front of you and begin to suck on it.  Do this for 1 whole hour.  I want you to suck on my strap on for an hour every day for 7 days this week.  You will wear those pretty pink panties every time you do so.  So, wash them by hand every day and hang them to dry.  You want the panties ready for wear for the next day.

Humiliation with Mistress Sarah 800-601-6975