Beg loser wimp, pencil dick. Beg for my attention. That’s right, get down on your hands and knees. Whimper and plead your case. You can do better than that. You want to amuse me? Bring your best game. You’ll need it. The same old song and dance won’t cut it if you REALLY want to amuse me.

Ever been to a arcade or a jerk off party and was the human cum rag? Where you excited about it yet totally and utterly humiliated? How about a hot girl willing to go to bed with you… until… you take off your shorts and reveal your stubby little pecker. *Laughs* If she didn’t laugh at you, she surely faked an orgasm. Who can HONESTLY get off to a micro dick like yours? Well, you can get off with it… that doesn’t say much now does it?

Got some house hold items to use? I just LOVE Sharpies. You can write all sorts of silly stuff on your body, especially the parts that are freakish, gross, fat, boring or just UGLY! Dressing up in outfits and making noises like an animal is fun too.

Why not get down and dirty and see how much cum you can eat for me. Not just your own silly, but cum from giant cock and balls. Especially public displays of humiliation add more intensity to it. I’m sure we can figure out a way for you to get all the humiliation you crave and deserve. Take the first step in your total humiliation and degradation.

Humiliation with Empress Jill 800-601-6975