You’ve been a very bad submissive. First I want you in time out. That’s right stand in the corner like a pathetic little man who can’t follow instructions. Okay, I admit, I don’t need a reason to “punish” you, dominate or slap you in bondage. It’s truly a hobby, a joy. Watching you fidget worried about my next move. I just love making you wonder, borderline worry about my next move. Funny enough, you may be on the verge of worrying but you love every second of this “torture.” Let be honest here… any time you spend with me is a mind altering, life changing experience.

Now that I’ve pulled you out of the “time out” corner I’m going to place you on the St. Andrews Cross, bound you to it and smack your ass then flip you so I can flog your cock and balls. If you’ve been extra bad, which I’m sure you have, I may just take the riding crop and make your cock and balls sting with delightful pain.

I’m going to take you off the St. Andrews Cross and tie you to the bed, lying on your back. I’m going to make sure there is enough give in the rope attached to your legs so I can use my big nine inch strap on in your little man pussy. Don’t forget, keep your man pussy muscles relaxed, I’ll have to use more force if you tense up. If it makes you feel any better I’ll lube up “The Emperor” before I invade your holes!

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