This is for all of you boys who are pretending you are real men.  You know who you are. You have a tiny little dick inside those jeans you walk around in.  You go out, pick up women and act as if you are a real man with a cock we could actually enjoy.  You KNOW you aren’t, but you let us waste our time with you. Having dinner, talking, getting to know you, and start thinking about fucking you.  When all along you know that you have no cock and we are just going to laugh or cry or run away or both once we see it.

Some woman might ignore a real man because she’s already talking to you and then have wasted hours and possibly missed a great opportunity. And you wonder why we’re pissed off.  Well today you have come to Humiliation Boot camp, the perfect place for losers like you who need to learn how wrong it is to trick people.

You have my attention loser and now you’ll have to do just what I say.  First of all, go buy yourself a pair of silky pink panties. Put them on. You can wear your boy clothes out, but underneath you better have on those silky panties so you can’t lie to yourself and pretend you are a real man.

Now, you get to go out to your favorite bar or club, have a drink or two (no more than that) and relax. Just do what you normally do, except for one small detail. You are now required to tell each and every woman who shows ANY interest in you at all, that you are not a real man. Before she wastes any of her time you tell her that you have a teeny tiny weenie and would never be able to satisfy her. You aren’t allowed to add any lies about how you are “the best ever” with your mouth, because men with dicks are just as good at that as you.

Your assignment from Empress Cassidy at Humiliation Boot camp is to be honest. And be prepared for the laughter and if you’re lucky maybe some girl will even go back to their table, tell her girlfriends and they will all giggle and point at you. If you want to know what I’d do, or just let me know how you did, give me a call.

Humiliation with Empress Cassidy 800-61-6975