What would possibly make you think that I want to guide some sickening shit like yourself to orgasm? You smacking yourself in the head again, retard? I guess I need to jump start that tiny brain of yours with a good solid kick to your balls, don’t I? Hit yourself fucking hard there now… yes… with your fist, in the balls, stupid… and pay attention.

Just to get rid of you, I’m going to do you a big favor and teach you exactly how an ugly shitbag like yourself should always masturbate.

Remember this lesson… save the link and memorize the contents.

These are the steps something as vile as you should always follow before dumping your cum filth into our world.

You’re going to go outside and find someplace where no one is going to see you. I mean that… nobody. I don’t want any innocent bystander to be struck blind by accidentally seeing you jerking off.

Find a secluded place in a backyard, forest or whatever that has a dirt ground. Clear away grass, leaves and all that other nature crap until there’s just bare soil beneath you, then get down on your knees. With your bare hands I want you to dig up some of that dirt… make a wide hole in front of yourself, at least 6 inches deep. Pile up the dirt across from you, about 2 to 3 feet away from your knees with the hole in between you and the dirt pile. Then, take out your cock, and pee on that loose dirt.

Now… bend forward and push your face down in that urine wet dirt pile where it belongs, making sure to get it all over your face. When your muzzle and snout are well coated, reach back with your right hand and start hard pounding your cock like the filthy dog you are… and keep your face down in that piss mud while your doing it.

I don’t want to hear any words out of your mouth, just the grunts, snorts and squeals that are your true pig language. Grind your face in that dirt as you’re jerking and grunting, you fucking worthless pervert.

Look at you… my god you’re disgusting… I don’t know what the sight of you masturbating makes me want to do more… vomit… or just kick the shit out of you.

This is exactly how you should always jerk off… far away from actual human beings… hidden from sight so no decent people have to be near you… alone and ashamed.

Now lets just get this nauseating display over with quick, I feel ill enough having to talk to an ugly fucking beast like you even this long. No counting strokes, no stopping to tease, no “edging”, no toying with the balls. Just fucking cum you dumb animal. Beat that dick of yours until your scrotum vomits its ball puke on the ground in front of you.

When you’re done, I want you to bury your cum. Pull the dirt you dug up back over your cock pus and bury it like the filth it is. Stand up and stomp on the ground to pack the earth down good – your cum belongs hidden from sight, where it can’t make anyone sick. Bad enough nothing will ever again grow where your noxious ball poison fell, but at least no one will come into contact with it this way.

Then go the fuck home you stupid bastard… god, you make me want to throw up.

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