You have a foot fetish, don’t you?

You’re also a pea brained loser, so it took you a while to finally accept the fact that NO woman on this entire planet would EVER let you stick that icky thing you call a cock inside of her.

So, you started to believe that maybe…just maybe…you will one day find a woman who will at least find you worthy of rubbing that itty-bitty prick on her feet.

Hah!  Not a chance!

For even thinking such a ridiculous thought, you’re going on a little shopping trip today.  Not to Victoria’s Secret, and certainly not to any mall.  You’re going to your local thrift store to buy some smelly, old shoes!

You’re going to pick out the stinkiest pairs of pumps that you can find.  Don’t buy just one pair…buy several!  I’m smiling as I try to imagine the look on the cashier’s face when you approach the register with an armful of shoes.  She’ll probably think you’re just a garden variety crosdresser, but oh no.

When you get home, you are going to line those shoes up, and after you’ve thoroughly licked every heel and pressed those sweaty insoles against your nose, you’re going to fuck them all!  Your deformed little penis is going to slide in and out of that worn leather.  The best part of all is, you’re not going to do this alone.  You’re going to call me, or one of the other Mistresses, so we can giggle and remind you of what a silly little fucktard you are!

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