What? No eggnog in the house at this time of year? And here I thought you ADORED me.

I’d do ANYTHING beautiful Mistress.
Command your slave Goddess.
I live to Serve YOU Empress.
Make me YOURS Miss Viv.

Bah! Hum bug!

If you truly ADORED me, you’d know that your Honored guest expects some thick and creamy eggnog chilling in the fridge when she visits.

Pardon? You didn’t know? Clearly you aren’t reading Fem Domain to ferret out those little nuggets of information that could – at a time like this, save you the embarrassment you are about to feel.

Keep those eyes cast down at your feet I’m enjoying watching the blush creep up your neck. Don’t fidget. Hush while I ponder what to do with a boy who tosses off platitudes with such ease, yet neglects the finer details, which would truly impress.

Could I have missed something in your Training? Speak boy. I thought not. So you agree – you slipped up and didn’t think to find out my favorite holiday drink.

Bah! I had my taste buds ready for some made from scratch nog. Sigh. I put the recipe right there on my blog! What boy? Permission to speak granted, but what ever could you say, to make up for this grievous error?

What did you say cheeky boy? You thought of something you could whip up – that is thick and creamy and won’t take you but a minute to prepare. Oh you nasty boy! What a little pervert you are. I knew I liked you for a reason!

Drop those trousers, click the banner and let’s see what you got.

Humiliation with Mistress Vivian 800-601-6975