Hello there, Private Pindick! Are you ready for your humiliation drill today? Well, that’s good, but I highly doubt you are ready for the assignment I’m going to give you! ::giggle::  Today you are going to add a new item to your Bootcamp wardrobe, one that is fitting for a baby dick loser such as yourself.   You are going to equip and dress yourself with diapers.  Yes, that’s right, diapers!  After all, a baby dick loser such as yourself deserves to wear diapers, don’t you agree?  Your assignment is to take your sorry pathetic ass down to the closest drug store or your local Super Walmart, and go in to the section where the adult diapers are.  If you need help, go ahead and ask a sales associate for assistance… a female associate is preferable.  You may as well find one as soon as you get in the store, because you’re going to be required to get their help anyway.  Once you’re over in that section of the store, you need to ask a female associate for help, by telling them that you are there to purchase adult diapers for yourself but you need some help finding the correct size.  After she stops laughing her ass off, she might be able to help you find the right size diapers for your sorry ass!  You are to purchase a box of baby wipes and a tube of diaper rash medication, and a bottle of baby powder. Then, you are to go through the check out and while you are paying for your diapers, you are to ask the cashier if the diapers are returnable if they don’t fit you.  I know the answer will be ‘no’, but I want you to humiliate yourself in front of the cashier so that she knows you’re a pathetic loser slut!

Once you have returned home, you are to strip down naked as a baby :giggle:: and squirt some of the diaper rash ointment on your little stub.  Then, you are to powder it up, dumping baby powder on your little prick.  Then, you are to put your diaper on and take a pillow off of the bed, humping it with your baby dick through those diapers, until you feel like you’re going to squirt all up in it.  When you feel like you can’t hold back any longer, click here and find out if you get to cum or if you have to go cry in the corner like a whiny bitch!

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