Well, well, if it isn’t my favorite little cum whore. You still have dried cum on the outside of your lips you dirty little cum loving fag. ::laughs:: Well, at least everyone is able to see what you are. For this humiliation assignment we will be playing with your favorite dessert….cum. Hot, sticky, salty, dirty. It seems to be what you enjoy sucking on and gargling the most, so why not play further with it. First you are to get an ice cube tray and I want you to fill one of the cubes up with your cum. I don’t know how long this will take for you to do, but I am sure you have enough time on your hands to do so since you are nothing more than a chronic masturbating loser.

Now, you have the cube filled with your cum…you can do more than one cube if you wish…the more the merrier. And when you have a little left over baby goo why don’t you get a strawberry, dip it in and lick that hot steamy load of baby batter from the strawberry you cum loving whore. We both know that you are nothing more than a cum receptacle, so this assignment is definitely fitting for you. What we will do to prove how much you love cum and what a little faggot you are is to do what I say.

Get the frozen cum cubes out of the freezer. No, you cannot suck on them yet, that would not be humiliating enough. No. First, you are to lay on your back and spread those dirty legs of yours, open that cunt nice and wide. I want you to slide those cum cubes right up that faggot asshole of yours until you have all of them in and you can feel them melting a little bit. Then, you are to push them out of your bum, into a cup or a bowl. Now, you have the perfect dessert for a dirty cum faggot. I want you to put one of those cum cubes right into your mouth, faggot, and suck on it. I would you to appreciate the saltiness and swish the flavor around in your mouth. I know you love it and you just proved how truly fucking pathetic you really are. Now, click on the audio for a message from me.

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