Hello there loser. I know you are a loser because you are here. I mean, let’s face it, only a loser with some sort of inadequacy would come to a site called, Humiliation Boot Camp, am I right? You know I am right! You probably have a small penis, or you are a one- minute man. Maybe you are a pillow humping virgin, or a Mama’s boy. Are you a little sissy, loser ass? Or are you a chronic masturbator who can’t get laid? Maybe it’s just that you just feel like a loser, for no particular reason at all. Now, that my loser readers, is a loser. You are just a born loser, with not real reason for being one, other than you “feel” like a loser. Well guess what? Then you are! So, here is your assignment, loser boy. I want you to get out a piece of paper and I want you to articulate why you think you are a loser. Write a 500-word essay on what makes you a loser, that is, if you know what makes you one. For you others who don’t know why you are losers, you will be feeling lost as to what to write on your essay. If you can’t find a reason why you are loser, just do this: write this sentence, in long hand, 500 times, “I,(insert your name), am a loser with no hope in this life of ever doing anything with mine.” Once you have your essay or series of sentences written down, I want you to go to your local copy center and have it laminated. Hang this laminated essay somewhere where you can see it everyday as a reminder that…

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