Up until now, I have been taking it very easy on you guys with my assignments. So now it’s time to crank up the intensity.

You are going to go on a humiliation scavenger hunt. Below is a list of 9 things that you must do, in order to finish the scavenger hunt. You will only do 1 activity a day. There’s an extra credit assignment for the small guys. And I will need proof from at least 4 of the activities, to show that you completed the hunt.

1) Pull or walk up to a group of pretty women and start singing ” I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred. If you don’t know the words look them up, they are very easy to learn.

2) Fill out an application to become a hooter’s girl. Extra points if you go dressed in a wig and lipstick.

3) Go to a beauty salon. Ask the receptionist how much it would cost you to get a perm, a hair weave, and some eyelashes.

4) Go to a drugstore and ask a female clerk for the condom aisle. Look in the aisle for a minute, then go back to the same clerk. Tell her that all the condoms are way too big for you. Ask if they sell a smaller size. If they do sell smaller condoms, you will tell her that you need a size smaller than that. If they don’t sell smaller condoms, ask to speak to a manager. Ask the manager for smaller condoms.

5) Make a pink business card for yourself that says ‘ The 3 minute Stud Muffin- call for some good but fast loving.” Pass it out to 5 women. Do not put your telephone number on the business card.

6) Find your local sexaholic support group, and attend a meeting. Introduce yourself as a chronic masturbator. While you are telling them about the way you can’t control your habits, I want your hands to start sliding down towards your pants. Fondle yourself through your pants for 10 seconds.

7) Go into a porn shop, and ask for your favorite porn movie. Tell the clerk you forgot the name of it, and act out 1 scene of the movie for the clerk. So he can help you find it. Extra Credit for acting out a guy on guy scene.

8) Go to another porn shop, and ask for a anal probe. Just like the one ued on you, when you were abducted by aliens. Describe the anal probe to the clerk.

9) Go to a bar or a club, wearing a white t-shirt. On the t-shirt you will write in big letters with a marker” I am a 2 inch loser. ” Spend at least one hour in the club trying to pick up women.

10) Here’s extra credit for the itsy, bitsy, tiny losers: Find a local art class that needs nude volunteers. Volunteer to be one of the nude models. Your shortcomings will be immortalized on canvas for all to see.

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