Ok, remember when you were in high school and the HOT chick promised to meet you after school. *giggles* Of course she didn’t they all just stood back and watched you wait like a fool. And remember when you were in college, the crazy hazing!! You were made to dress like a little girl in a sexy pet tie coat and pink shoes, cant get it out of your head can you?

Remembering your face turning red and all the laughing girls, makes that little pee wee hard as is speak doesn’t it? Of course it does. Ok loser freak boy we are going to play a game, you are the number one contestant, and will do everything your told to earn those sissy clothes you love so much and the permission to stroke that sissy stick.

First things first strip! Everything comes off, and remember your standing in front of an audience of beautiful women that have all eyes on you. Let the GAMES begin!!! Your first part will be jumping through a fiery hoop, cant touch the edges or you lose and will have no stroking of your pee wee.

Second, because I know you will lose the first one, you have to roll around in the mud and become a dirty boy. Easy enough you can win 10 free strokes.(only cause I’m sure it will be amusing to watch you stroke looking like a dirty boy pig)

Third, you will have to shower off and kneel on your knees and follow the rows of women on your knees! Start licking and sucking every toe, If you get one complaint you have to start over again and each lady will get to smack you loser ass as you go down the line one right after another. 200 women and 5 minutes. GO!!

If you fail no orgasm for you teeny weenie! And by experience we all know you will fail!! *giggles*
If by reading this you think you would like to be a contestant of mine call me at 1-800-356-6169.

Humiliation sessions with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute