Drill Sergeant Miss Ashley is back to whip your sorry ass back into shape and not a moment too soon it looks like. Did you actually think that you were going to get away with it grunt? Good thing this barracks is filled with “rats” who were more than happy to squeal on you in my absence. As a matter of fact your bunkmate was good enough to share some of his “home movies” with me. Everyone gather around it is show time! The video starts off 30 minutes before reveille with private jerk-off living up to his name with an early morning wake up session. “Drop and give me 50 pushups you wanker” I shout as the rest of us watch. Next indescretion appears to be just before lights out when you slip your hand under the pillow and pull out a pair of frilly, lacey pink panties and slide them on under the sheets. Whats the matter fuckhead not getting enough excercise? I’ll see to it that you are going to be too tired to even pull that dick do you understand? Fifty more lets go! Third fuck up caught on video and the most serious offence is theft. At closer glance I realize the panties that you have happily tucked away are mine. Stand up to face the music shithead I am ready to hand out your punishment. For each infraction you will receive one demerit point. I will collect on these demerits by way of penalty tours. Each penalty tour = 45 minutes of marching. Marching on base would be too easy, you will do your penalty tours off base in front of the lingerie store in full drag, do you read me pussy boy? Thats it dismissed!

Humiliation sessions with Miss Ashley 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute