This week call yourself ” Mistress’ Gym Boi ” . Mistress is up for a body sculpting class today and you are the gopher. you fetch 3 sets of weights, a step with 10 inserts, and a mat. you head to the gym cafe where you buy Her a large bottle of Smart Water. Her towel is neatly folded beside Her. you are wearing pink gym shorts with ruffled panty lines showing. you have a pink midriff top as well.
During the first half of the class, Mistress does intense step cardio and demands you to towel Her off. you are on the side the whole time on your knees with eyes glued on your Goddess. The class is full of women who are all laughing at you and giving your Mistress the high five.
Next Mistress goes through the weight routine, buns of steel, and abdominal routines. you are there with the towel blotting her off and offering water.
After the class, Mistress drinks water and chats with the gym coach while you put all of the equipment away. There are more sneers and laughter, the word “sissy” is whispered.
Mistress has decided She has not had enough weight training, so you follow like a puppy behind her to the weight room. you carry her gym bag, water, and towel. The weight room is full of muscular studs who are all confused as to what you are. you gather up Mistress’ weights of choice and you are required to spot Her, towel Her, and fetch whatever She needs. you are totally ignored by Her except for all of these things. She has Her I-Pod on and is more concerned as to what is playing on the playlist. Mistress flirts with the real men and She explains to them that She is a Dominatrix and you are her sissy slave who is a humiliation junkie. They laugh at you and say…I wouldnt go into the locker room after your Mistress’ work out. But you are ordered to do so.
Show this post to your Mistress if She frequents the gym. She may just like this assignment.

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