Tonight’s wanker humiliation goes quite far in emsculating you, regressing you and making you feel completely and totally humiliated. I want you to get dirty. You’ll need an adult diaper, a can or two of pork and beans, some nipple clamps and a tube of bright red lipstick. Strip naked, put on your diaper. When it’s on and snug, I want you to dump your can of pork and beans into your diaper. Sit down, walk around and feel the coldness and squishiness inside you diaper. Now you’ll tweak your nipples, hardern them and apply the clothespins to your sensitive nubs. Now use the lipstick to write humiliating things on your body, your face and paint your lips like a whores. Now stare at your soiled body and rub your hand onto your bean covered cock… click below to find your answer….

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Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute