Cock Commander Mistress Ashley is back, flog in hand, ready to dish out any punishment that I see fit to impose on worthless grunts who don’t obey orders! Have I made myself clear? Well good then! Attention: Get your worthless asses in line for inspection now! Drop your pants and shorts I want you naked as the day you were born. Walking back and forth I am totally unimpressed girls. I am going to examine each and every one of you and make sure that you havn’t been practicing hand to hand combat on those worthless cocks of yours. One by one I reach out and squeeze those balls, as I make my way down the line I see that you are sweating. I smirk to myself and continue further down the line. I am two cocks away from your useless one and I can see that you are now sweating profusely. Finally I am standing before you and begin flogging your testacles. Your cock is beginning to harden and I laugh and have you turn around. Everyone in the barracks is permitted a 12 hour pass dismissed! That is everyone but you private screwup. I now begin flogging that butt and love the whimpers you make each time it cracks upon your lilly white ass! About face! I now look you in the eye and demand to know when you last released that cock. You mumble that its been weeks, I grab those balls tight and squeeze til you scream “last night Miss Ashley I am so sorry.” Your apologies don’t mean shit to me know and you are in deep! I reach for my handcuffs and lock your wrists. I lead you to the corner where you will continuously hump the wall til dawn. Carry out your orders grunt you are dismissed!

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