You’ve been eyeing that blonde babe for along time, haven’t you?

I know how you’ve fantasized about her and used her as your sex toy in your wank-dreams, how you’ve been objectifying her, stroking your tiny cock … and she knows it, too.

You haven’t had the nerves to ask her out because you know she’ll shoot you down. After all, why would she want to fuck a loser like you? She wouldn’t!You may be stupid, but even you are not quite that dumb. You’ve felt the burn of embarrassment and humiliation your entire life, haven’t you? And even you, a no-pussy-getting small-dicked loser, cannot fathom inviting such a lovely woman into your troll hovel. She would laugh at and humiliation you in front of everyone, adding to your long list of small-dick humiliation let downs.

Well tonight, all that will change. All your dreams are going to come true. You’re going to get that blonde where you’ve always wanted her …wrapped around your insignificant cock. Tonight, a sexy blonde is going to be putty in your hands. *wink*

First, you need to get things ready.

You’ll need a piece of cotton or the white top off a q-tip, a piece of tape or some paste, lipstick, a few markers, and lubrication to help smooth things along. *hehe*

Now take your cock in your grimy hands, but don’t stroke; don’t rub, either, dumbass!

I want you to draw a pretty little face with eyes and lips on the tip of your cocklet. Outline the eyes and the lashes, and draw a cute button nose and sexy, pouty lips. You can manage to fit all on there, can’t you? Haha! Next, you need to take the cotton and paste or tape it right on top of your weenie head. Don’t glue it dumbass; she won’t be there that long.  Awww, isn’t her blonde hair so pretty? LOL!

Now look down at her. Isn’t she lovely? I told you you’d have a blonde on your cock tonight! I said “a” sexy blonde, not “the” sexy blonde you’ve been wanking yourself silly over! ~giggles~ See what happens when you focus on your pathetic, twitching, work dick and don’t pay close attention? Well, now you’re committed, dumbass. Pay close attention to your blonde babe, your date for the night.  *hehe*

Say her name and tell her about all those naughty, nasty things you’ve been thinking of when you masturbate to her sexy body. Tell her how pretty she is as you lube her up and give her a little stroke. Now kiss your hand and reach down … plant that kiss right on her lips. Let your hand slide all over her shaft-body as you use your best dumb-horny-guy voice to whisper sweet “nothings” to her. After all, you are one big nothing, aren’t you?

Oh look! Someone is getting turned on! Rub that skinny blonde a little harder, stroke it faster… yeah! Smear her lipstick, look right into her eye(s) (LOL!)  and now click on the banner to see what to do next …

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Must be 18+

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