Are you a man that loves to stroke?  Believe that the only one that really knows how to give you ultimate pleasure is yourself?  Is it the feeling of the hard shaft in your hand or the feeling of your manly hand wrapped around you that brings you the greatest thrill, or is it something else?

Do the thoughts of being caught engaged in your love of masturbation tantalize you?  I know that you have performed this task many times when you realized that you could have been caught.  Perhaps your woman was in the kitchen fixing dinner, and you decided to rub one out.  Did the knowledge that she could walk in and catch you at any moment make you hotter?

Perhaps it was a time when you went to visit with friends at their house, and you just could not help but to stroke the moment you got alone.  Your ears listening close for the sounds of  footsteps coming.

The not knowing how they will react when they see you taking care of your carnal needs.  Will they look at you with disgust or will they be so turned on that they will join you in with you?  Well, tonight you are in luck, because we are going to help you getting closer to knowing how people will respond to your actions.  Do you think that you are ready to take this curiosity to the next level?  If you believe that you are, you may click below to accept this challenge.

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