Pathetic that’s what you are, and you know that you are losing the fight.  What fight you say?  The fight to find a woman that will give you the time of day.  Why would any woman want to be bothered with you?  Look at you!  You’re a sad excuse for a man.  You can’t even act like you have something big between your legs can you?  You can’t even pretend.  I’m glad you can’t pretend, because frankly I have a hard time pretending that you are worth anything.

Look at the drool coming out of your mouth when you look at me.  That makes you look like the little doggy boy I always knew you to be.  Begging does not get you much of anything.  I don’t feel sorry for losers you know.  You made yourself a loser!  You say it’s not your fault?  I guess it’s not your fault that you have such a small little penis, but for God sakes seek the advice of a doctor for that thing.  You have money don’t you?  Of course you do, because that’s why I choose to speak to you.  Just keep shelling out the cash.

Now you want to prove yourself, because you think that you’re good enough to have sexual intercourse with me.  Do you realize that I can have any man that I want, so why would I want you?  You’re so beneath me, and it makes me want to throw up thinking about letting you touch my sexy body.  But never the less, I’m feeling generous.  I’m in a good mood today, so I figure I will give you an assignment for my amusement. We know your going to fail, because you can’t do anything right. Click below so that I may have a good laugh.

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