Front and center, faggot.  That’s right, asshole.  I’m talking to you.  Who do you think I’m talking to?  Stand in front of me- now!  Do it  I don’t know why I even tolerate you- you can’t even satisfy me with that little thing. Here put on these pink panties and bra.  Since you act more like a girl, I figured we’d switch roles.  From now on, I wll dominate you as I please.  Because there certainly is nothing manly about you. When you come home from work, you will immediately change into your girlie clothes.  In fact, I’m going to have you wear this little pink negligee too.   You are a pathetic jerk who needs to be humiliated.

I’m going to have all my girlfriends come over and you’re going to prance around in the middle of the room and get your useless self humiliated and embarrassed by them calling you all sorts of names.  You are a cocksucking slut and you deserve to be put on display.  I know you are hoping I’ll have you suck on one of those big black ones but your pathetic self has to earn that reward.   And I can’t imagine what your puny ass can do to make me happy- other than find me a real man with a real cock.

Now go in the bathroom and get my bubble bath ready.  And make sure you have my clothes laid out- I’m going out tonight and find me someone who can actually please me, you miserable wanker.  You’re always walking around wanking on your little dick when you could be cleaning the house.   I might tell you about my evening when I get back if I’m in a good mood.

you know when i tell you to get over here front and center i mean what i say- you;re not quick enough.  now move it, you pathetic cock sucker.  since you are so obsessed with cocks- yanking on your little excuse for a dick, and  love cock in your mouth, im gonna bring home something for you to really put your mouth around.  and i want you to be wearing your little pink panties when i get back.   you know you love to be humiliated in your women’s  panties.  ha ha ha  i think what you need is a good dose of humiliation every day to keep you reminded that you are a cock loving cum slut who is lucky when I even pay any attention to you.

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