You are going to take a trip to the drug store today.  You will buy tampons and Midol for your girlie period.  I want you to go up to the sexiest sales assistant and ask her assistance in picking out tampons.  Tell her that they only sell tampons they are for you and you just got your period.  That’s right, you heard me.  You will go there dressed as a guy but you got your period.  After you get the tampons ask where the Midol is because you have cramps.  Make sure to mention it’s that time of the month for you.  Once you go home you will wear the tampon and take your Midol.  You will leave the tampon in for no more than a few hours.  Ever day until you are completely out you will wear a tampon to work.  You will change that tampon every few hours.  Remember, you have your period.

How embarrassing!  That’s the point Bitch!

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