I have a really embarrassing assignment for all of you small-dicked losers. I want you to go out in search of household objects and/or food items that resemble the size of your pathetic little penis in length and in girth. It may be a C battery, a couple of double A batteries, heck, it may even be a triple A battery, only you know how little your penis is. Perhaps your pathetic little penis is the size of a Vienna sausage? Your pencil dick may look more like a hot dog. I have even seen men with cocks that would fit into a toilet paper roll! Talk about a small penis! Some small penises are more like the size of cigarette lighter, that’s really small! Is your little penis the size of a crayon? Maybe your small penis looks more like a votive candle? What ever the case may be, I want you to get your digital camera out and take a photo of your little penis along side whatever household object or food item you found that most resembles your small penis in size and girth. The reason for this assignment is that I want you to print out that picture on your printer at home, make sure it is a size that you can cut and keep in your wallet. Every time you go out on the town with the intention of finding a woman to suck or fuck that pathetic little penis, you will have that picture of the size of your little cock relative to something in your wallet to show her. Then…

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