I was thinking about all of the hard work that goes in to being a woman.  It’s not easy to look good all the time.  Of course  I look good for myself because I want to feel sexy, but I can’t help but to think about the slutty men that give me special attention because I possess something they want to get their hands on.  Men are dogs in heat.  A lot of you whores need to be trained.  Why are men savage beasts enslaved by their penises? Is it that difficult to think with your head, and not your peeing instrument? When we are talking about men it would be impossible.

So what do you do with a tramp that can’t stop getting hard at the sight of a beautiful woman.  I’m sick and tired of you horny uncontrollable stroker boys that beg to ejaculate at my feet.  Do you hold a more important title then wanker boy of the month?  If only I could pimp you out and make money off of your penis stroking skills, but unfortunately you’re a useless masturbator that is the proud owner of a worthless skill.

Its time for you to earn your keep.  Convince me that your hand jobs are beneficial for the greater good.  If you want to continue to exhibit such behavior, which I know you do, click below for your assignment.

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