I’m so tired of you whining and complaining about the pretty little outfits I dress you in.   Are you sick and tired of wearing pink?  That’s just too damn bad.  I call the shots, and since you are a frilly, froofy, sissy wearing whore, you basically wear what ever I want you to wear.  Pink is the color for girls, and since you’re a big fat loser half and half, you need to be reminded of it by wearing the color pink.

Are you complaining again because I tell you that you have to dress in that maids outfit when my company comes over?  What do you expect?  You are my little submissive little sissy maid.  What else are you good for?   Of course you have to do the dishes, and vacuum the rug, Make sure to iron my clothes for work tomorrow morning.  Shut up and just do it!

Now you want to start crying because I tell you to fluff my lovers?  You knew what you were going to have to do the day you started taking those hormones.  Look at your little tiny tator tot.  It’s too small now, and you can’t get it up.  You can’t use that thing on me any more.   Since you want to bitch about all the privileges I give you, its time to make you are real woman.  Click below for your assignment.

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