Look at you with all of that dirty, smelly, disgusting pubic hair! Get on your knees and show it to me. Something needs to be done about this disgusting mess immediately! No, you are not going to shave your big bush in the privacy of your own home for me; that would not be painful nor humiliating enough. Shut your fucking mouth when I speak and listen to me! You back talking fool. Now, you are to find a laser center in your area, call and make an appointment for laser hair removal on your cock and balls, which you will only refer to as your pussy; you will take the soonest appointment available. One the day of your appointment you will wear your girliest pair of panties, make sure the technician sees these panties one way or another. Tell her you want your pussy as smooth as eggs, that you are a dirty little whore who likes to make all the boys happy. Will it hurt you ask? Of course it will, you fucking nimrod; what fun would it be otherwise?

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Calls are $1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum