On your knees when you are in my presence Private Pindick! I have a new assignment for you today. You are to get a pair of panties..new, used, clean, dirty, I don’t care which. And a pillow. Put the panties on the pillow and set it on your couch. This is your new pussy pillow. I know you cannot get a real pussy, so we will have to make do with this. You will worship your pussy pillow and keep her out when company comes. She is a dirty little whore, so her panties will NOT be changed after you cum on her night after night.
Set her on the couch and get on your knees in between her legs. Tell that pussy pillow how much you adore her and want to fuck her; that you will do anything for her. Now, put your head down into that pussy and start to eat your pussy pillow like you’ve never eaten a pussy before. When your pathetic little clitty gets all hard and drippy I want you to beg to fuck that pussy pillow. Really beg and win her over. Now, get on top of her and start to hump and pump into that pussy pillow. I’m sure this is the only pussy you’ve had in quite some time! You will hump and pump until you feel that you are ready to come, and then you will call me or another Mistress for permission to blow that little load. If we say no, then you stop and stay unsatisfied. If we say yes, then you pump your load right onto that pillow pussy’s crotch. Get back on your knees and clean it up with your mouth and tongue…good Pindick…cleaning out your woman. Keep Ms. Pussy Pillow on the couch for everyone to see!!

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