You Disgust Me!
I’m not going to lie. You irritate me. You annoy me. You being near causes me to be in a bad mood. Just looking at you grates on my nerves. I’ve found one way that your presence is tolerable to me. You being completely nude in front of me while I’m completely clothed.
That’s right. Your naked, trembling body on the floor where you belong and your eyes lowered so that you can feast on the sight of my shoes. How vulnerable you look. I can see the contour of your muscles and the outline of your bones. Why are you cowered and hunched over like that? Are you trying to hide something from me? What is that I see there . . . Why it’s a itty bitty teeny weenie. . .WEENY!
Did you think that you would be able to hide that from me? *Laughs* How unremarkable your member. . .excuse me, DIGIT is! No wonder you are prostrating yourself naked in front of me. It wasn’t as if you would be getting any if you were at home. Now tuck that disgraceful piece of flesh in between your legs. It doesn’t deserve to see the light of day, let alone a woman of my stature.

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