Get naked, I want all cloths off and you to be in birthday suit for this assignment. Run a tub of warm water and I want you in the tub, nice and warm.  Get on your knees in the tub, soap up those balls and massage them for 5 minutes, let them run through your fingers and your fingers move over them, squeeze them, let them slide between your fingers, pulling on them, letting them slip from your fingers.

Now get the lube and lube your cock up.  Start stroking and bringing yourself to the edge. Keep it there, on the edge but no cumming. Get it to the edge, 10 times, holding it there but not allowing it to cum, just to suffer a bit, to torment that cock but not to cum. Go ahead, fuck the air, no one else will fuck you, be glad that the wind blows free.    I am sure by  now you want to cum, don’t you?   Hmmmm well how  badly, show me.  Click below!!

For humiliation sessions with Ms Trish call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)