So little one, you want to stroke that pathetic little pricklet of yours.  I mean that little thing doesn’t even deserve the respect to be called a dick.  It is so small that most would believe it to be a clit, I am sure that it has been mistaken for one, many many times!  So little bitch, if you want to touch your sissy little pricklet first off you must get pink panties, anytime you want to touch something as small and useless as that you should have on panties.

Now that you have your panties, put them on.  Pull them tight up against yourself, pressing into the crack of your ass and against your pricklet!  Now I want you to hunch the air!  That is right, thrust your hips back and forth and fuck the air!  Hmmmm not getting much friction from that, are you little one?  Oh well I guess not, not much there.  Why don’t you now lay on the floor like a worm, and crawl, press yourself back and forth against the floor, let you little clitty rub hard and just think, at least the floor can’t say no like all the women have!

Edge yourself five times, drip in your panties, that is fine, you will have to clean them later…..LOL  Now once you have edged your five times and I know your little nub can’t take much more, click below to see if you can blow your little load!

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