You will now be addressed as Private Foot Whore.  The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress.  You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a foot slave that does not know what real adoration for his mistress entails. You must use your love of feet, stockings, and shoes to survive.  You will use my guidance as a tool. You belong at the foot of a Mistress, and you must pay your dues before you are allowed to drool over your mistress’s toes.

This assignment is not for foot kissing, foot licking, and toe sucking slaves that think they can automatically win a mistress over by simply asking to lie at her feet.  You must show that you stand out from the rest of the other foot loving whores out there.  I want to know that you are a true servant that will worship no matter what the cost.  I want to know that although your pathetic little body is weak and tired, you will continue to ache at your knees and serve me.  Will you adore a foot that is stinky, and sweaty?  Will the toe jam between the toes turn you off?  You’re such a whiner!

Today I will put you to the test.  I want to know how serious you are about getting your tongue dirty.  Click below for your assignment!

For humiliation sessions with Ms Nadia call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)