You will now be addressed as Private Nipplets.  The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress.  You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a bra with no cleavage. Why do you keep putting on those low cut nightys, and you clearly don’t have a A cup to fill a training bra.  You will finally be able to grab something through that sexy satin you call a tit holder.  It is time to look like a real woman.   If you don’t have a good imagination, you will fail. You will be made to use raw materials to create a masterpiece.

This assignment is not for the ordinary sissy that is satisfied with a manly hairy chest. I’m sick of seeing your salt and pepper hair sticking out the middle of your pink lace bra.  You look like big foot, and it’s an ugly sight.  Your nipples are not big enough for another sissy to suckle.  Its time to stop acting like a lady would ever be caught dead looking like that when their lover comes over to fondle their tits.  I don’t want to know if you look like that when you’re on the phone with me.  You are a disgrace.

There is no retreating Private Nipplets.  Click below to enlist

For humiliation sessions with Ms Nadia call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)