Drill Sergeant “Mistress Ashley” is back at the base. If you are willing to work really hard for me you just may earn a day pass if you complete this mission. Total humiliation is what I am looking for today. Something that you wouldn’t think of doing in a million years. For you closet sissies that do all of your shopping online todays the big day! You will actually go to the mall and wear something ultra femine under your regular clothes. Today you will make all of your girlie purchases in person, face to face with the cutest salesgirl in the shop! You also will reveal to her that you are wearing something feminine underneath (perhaps expose a bra strap) so that she knows that you are shopping for yourself. You will compliment her on her outfit and nails. Make small talk see what product lines she likes best when it comes to cosmetics and lingerie. If your little clitty isn’t standing straight up at this point, check your pulse lol. Now for the toughest part of this assignment. You must reveal the fact to her that you have a worthless, good for nothing pindick that could never satisfy a real woman. As long as you let her know that you are “small down there” mission accomplished! Good luck and don’t let me down you pussy!

For humiliation sessions with Ms Ashley call 800-601-6975

$1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

(Must be 18+)