Oh, look at you… what a fucking prize. Your mommy must have been so proud when she shit you out with the rest of the litter. You were the runt, weren’t you? The tiny embarrassment that got fat when he got older. What a prize you are… something any girl would love to take home… take home and bury 6 feet deep in her backyard for the betterment of humanity.

Yeah, and you’re still reading. I’m like a fucking prophet, aren’t I? Don’t be so surprised that I can see right through you and know what you are… men aren’t complex animals, there are only a few types out there – different sizes, different shapes… all stupid and all annoying.

And most annoying of all… that fucking thing between your legs. If you aren’t making a piss mess with it, you’re looking for a chance to play with it. And it’s all the same.

In fact… get that cock out now. You heard me… stand up, drop your pants, and start stroking your prick. No one said sit down… I told you to stand and stroke, so stay where you are, stupid.

You like that don’t you… a man is never happier than when he’s grabbing his cock. You’re all like dirty monkeys, always playing with yourselves. And the sick thing is… you think we like it, or that we think it’s somehow cute. A man’s brain really must be in his dick… at least that would be an excuse for such stupidity.

Slap yourself… your left hand is free, use it… slap yourself across your face. Do it again, harder this time, bitch. That’s for being a stupid man. I pity you… your sex is so pathetic and ugly.

Now stroke harder… come on your fucking ape, jerk that cock. Spread your legs wider… and then bend forward… that’s it, hunchbacked like a caveman. Females have evolved far beyond what they were 10,000 years ago…. but you men still belong in caves. Bend over more, let’s see your proper ape posture ~laughs~… and let your mouth hang open.

Harder you dumb animal, pound that prick… and grunt for me while you do it… grunt… no, not like a dog, or a pig, you’re a man-ape… an ugly, dirty caveman… grunt for me as you stroke that tiny brain of yours ~laughs~.

Id’ tell you top hop around like a monkey but your clumsy ass would probably fall and break something… and as much as I don’t give a damn about you or what pain you would be in… some sappy woman probably married you and I don’t want to burden her with a slob that’s not just stupid, but also broken.

Pound your chest and make ape noises… keep stroking your dick while you do it… ~laughs~… I’d ask you if you had any idea how stupid you look right now, but you look at yourself in the mirror everyday so I am sure you know all too well.

Slap yourself again, left hand to that simp face ~laughs~… that is SO fantastic, I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing a man get slapped across the face. Do it again monkey boy… you obey human beings, and this one just told you to slap!

Yeah, yeah and that was fun… but beating up on a dumb animal loses it’s charm quickly… the amusement’s over, and I’m tired of you… I want you to cum now. Do as you are told… jerk as hard as you can and cum now. Let it all shoot out in front of you. What do you care what it lands on… you’re just a dumb fucking animal who shits where he eats anyway.

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